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Maeve O' Byrne 

Dagmar’s programme allowed me to heal from brokenheartedness and over 3 years of chronic pelvic pain.
Moreover, I have built a new belief system in my mind, body, spirit, and heart, that works for me. I feel safe.I am healthy. I feel loving and lovable. I feel attractive, confident, and positive.
And the best part? I am connected to my true self.


Ina Avote McWilliams

I now understand my body and my heart, as I have melted away the mental limitations and presumed boundaries about living well in my body.

As a result, I have reclaimed my sensuality and my feminine nature.

Me and my husband went from being ‘roomates’ to rebuilding our phenomenal connection and having beautiful intimacy like at the start of our relationship.


How to heal your pelvic pain & create ''Spa Like Experience'' in your body....

even if you have already tried everything and you are just secretly worrying that your pain will never go away.

This letter is especially important for all women who have been struggling with pain ‘down-there’ and are exhausted from simply not getting better. 

Stop going from specialist to specialist. 

I have an important message for you around getting at the root cause of your pain and reclaiming your deep sense of safety, worthiness and well-being in your body. 

From the desk of Dagmar Khan, leading women’s

health expert and pelvic floor specialist:


Beautiful lady,

when you initially got a pain ‘’down-there’’, you thought that you would just start with your pelvic floor exercise programme and you would simply get better.

Except that did not happen. 

In fact, it seems like all the kegels just made your condition only worse, and your pain simply did not go away. 

Therefore you went to the next level, and by now have invested in variety of  yoga retreats, been in therapy, and worked with pelvic floor specialist, and you still wonder:

“Perhaps intimate love and an amazing connection with a partner is just not for me. Maybe I just have to learn to deal with it.”

Which is exactly what you have been doing along with secretly fearing the one you deeply love, your partner, is one day going to run away. 

I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be this way: 

I discovered this for myself when I used to feel soul-destroying pain in my pelvis, and shaking in fear whether my husband is going to leave me one day or not. 

I tried the obvious, just like yourself: yoga, meditation, therapy and pelvic floor practices.

I have tried everything- went to every doctor on the planet, worked with every holistic practicioner. 

Until one day, I just felt ‘’so over it’’ with being constantly in pain that I said enough is enough.

I just can not go on like this one day more! 

As a result, I began to deeply study the woman’s body, the psychology of chronic pain and science of the nervous system. 

And everything I would learn, I would gently start applying and exploring in my own body. 

And as a result, something interesting started to happen:

The more and more connected I would become with my own body, the less pain I would feel. 

At first, I thought it might be luck.

But the more I continue to study the art of healing, and apply this to my own pelvis, the more obvious it became that this was far from being lucky.

In fact, I was discovering the healing science of my own body. 

And as a result, I had the healing breakthrough I was secretly praying for.

I not only became pain-free, I have also for the first time in my life completely fallen in love with myself, and my body.

Shortly after my own breakthrough, women started to ask me for my help and healing their own body.

As a result I have not only become a women’s health go-to expert, but by now worked with thousands of women from all around the globe.

And here is what I am finding with my clients and students over and over again….

…..Most women try to fix their pelvic pain by strengthening their tissues: WHICH IS MAKING THEIR SITUATION HUNDRED TIMES WORSE!

The truth is that with most pelvic-pain conditions, your muscles and tissues are actually chronically tight, and what you need to learn instead are two essential things:


How to deeply relax their pelvic tissues.

How to embody safety in their pelvic bowl.


This is it! 

This is the science I mentioned earlier. 

When you embody safety in your pelvic bowl, you will literally shift from chronic modes of stress, which only perpetuate cycles of chronic pain.

And in turn move into modes of ‘rest and digest’, which allows your body to start moving energy into tissue repair, healing and cellular regeneration.

Dagmar Khan is leading women's health expert and pelvic floor specialist, trained as top 1% guides in the world. 


She works with an integrated holistic system that addresses very deeply both the body and the mind, and in fact affects the ecosystem of women’s entire life.

Dagmar uses the most powerful pelvic floor training, deep relaxation processes and self-massage practices in combination with modern trauma healing and brain-integration techniques, that are designed to help fully restore strength and suppleness in women’s pelvis, while unraveling any possible shame, fear or trauma. 

The results are full vibrant pelvic floor health, enhanced sense of vitality and women feeling deeply at home in her own body.

Introducing: The Pelvic Spa

Pelvic healing refuge for liberating your pain ‘’down-there.’’

The perfect programme for women who want to get at the root cause of the pain and shift into a woman who feels sensual and sacred in her own skin.

You'll Learn & Experience:

  • Dagmar’s Unique Healing Model: From Pain to Pelvic Health & Vitality {so you can can start seeing the true healing possibilities for your pelvis like never before}

  • The Biggest Reason Why A Lot Of Women Don’t Succeed With Healing Their Pelvic Pain

  • How Improving Your Breathing and Mobilizing Your Diaphragm Is The Secret Code To Healing (no more waiting for your weekly acupuncture to take your pain away)

  • Pelvic Spa Practices That Reduce Pain, Improve Circulation, and Create Profound Sense Of Well-Being In Every Fiber Of Your Pelvis!

  • Why Ending Self-Denial and Amplifying Your Worthiness Is Essential Part Of Your Healing Process.

GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW FOR ONLY €77 {special price- limited time only}

Valencia Faux

I shifted from living with chronic pelvic pain for well over three years, post birth of my son.

This programme allowed me to learn how my body really works and as a result break-free from cycles of pain.

I have become my BEST HEALER and in addition I feel nourished in my body and I am deeply connecting with my husband.'

Els Jacobs

I have never before felt more attractive, confident, safe and secure. The truth is that working with Dagmar allowed me to feel safe in my body, even in situations where I would have dissociated before.


As I am healing from my chronic fatigue symptoms, and feeling alive, happy and nourished. Me and my partner and I are really enjoying this true intimacy and pleasure.

Just imagine, that as a result of deep pelvic relaxation and embodying safety in your pelvic bowl, you will be able to:


  1. Start breaking up with chronic pain and in fact reclaiming your vibrancy, freshness, and glow all day long.

  2. Drop all the self-criticism and being hard on yourself and instead start trusting in your innate body’s capacity for healing. 

  3. Begin to feel comfortable in your own body and experience total freedom of movement. 

  4. Drop all the stories of self-denial and hopelessness and instead awaken the full healing codes inside of your system. 

  5. Heal and release the shame and embarrassment around your body and shift into a woman who feels sensual and sacred in her own skin.


What’s inside the PELVIC SPA Programme:

From Pain to Vitality Masterclass {value €197}

This powerful masterclass will introduce you to the bespoke Pain to Vitality model. It is your time to understand how to release physical pain, heal pelvic numbness and free up deeply held emotions in the body: resulting in the return of your pleasure, health, safety and vitality.

Amplifying Your Worthiness Video Series {value €297}

Discover the true meaning of worthiness, and learn how to start creating a new relationship with yourself, and your body.

You will explore Dagmar’s signature 4 steps process that will allow you to connect to your hunger, understand what you are hungry for, and begin to communicate your hunger {and your needs} with ease and grace. This process is essential for breaking-free with self-denial and start putting yourself first- guilt free.

Diaphragm 101 Video {value €97}

Your respiratory diaphragm is not only the single most important muscle in your body {it keeps you breathing gorgeous}, but your diaphragm is deeply connected to multiple muscles of your pelvis. Learn the secrets of improving your diaphragm’s mobility and relaxation which will have a tremendous impact on reducing your pain, creating deep relaxation and profound safety in your pelvic bowl.

BONUS: Secret Pelvic Spa Guided Audio {value €79}

Developed after working with women from all walks of life and multiple pelvic pain conditions, this guided pelvic relaxation will take you from ouw to wow in less than 20 minutes. 

Create deep physiological relaxation and embody a deep sense of safety- resulting in overall greater sense of well-being in every fiber of your body!

BONUS: Daily Pelvic Spa Exercise Sequence {value €49}

Daily Pelvic Spa Sequence exercise to release tension from your hips & legs and foster deep relaxation from your belly button down. Whether you’re dealing with pelvic or SI joint dysfunction, pelvic pain, incontinence, or prolapse, this exercise sequence will make you feel in.

BONUS: Womb-Heart Medicine Guided Audio {value €49}

Create a powerful connection with your womb and your heart. Through a specific combination of breathing, visualization and movement, develop a powerful anchor that will allow you to tap into the healing power of the womb-heart medicine.



I’m READY To Take My Pelvis into Pelvic Spa!
  • From Pain to Vitality Masterclass {value €197}

  • Amplifying Your Worthiness Video Series {value €297}

  • Diaphragm 101 Video {value €97}

  • BONUS: Secret Pelvic Spa Guided Audio {value €79}

  • BONUS: Daily Pelvic Spa Exercise Sequence {value €49}

  • BONUS: Womb-Heart Medicine Guided Audio {value €49}

Total Value {€768}

Today’s Price: only €77

I’m READY To Take My Pelvis On Healing Refuge!

There is No Better Time To Start With Pelvic Spa Than Now!

I know first hand the pain, struggle and soul-crushing hopelessness when it comes to living with chronic pelvic pain.

The truth is, that the cost of living in pain is huge- and having an impact on the quality of your relationships,  your health, vibrancy and overall quality of life.

You don’t have to spend another day grinding your teeth. 

You don’t have to be tossing one more night worrying whether your partner is going to leave you.

Let’s put an end to this pain.

This programme is my heartfelt invitation to show you and teach you how your body works: so you can begin your TRUE healing journey, today!

The top 10 questions about Pelvic Spa:

Are You Ready For Saying Goodbye To Pelvic Pain And Create Outrageously Joyful and Magical Life?!

Here’s the truth...

We’re TIRED of seeing so many amazing women living with chronic pelvic pain. We want to change the standard. 

But we can’t do it alone. 

Let us help you believe in yourself, that YOU are capable of truly healing your body when you learn the process of From Pain To Vitality, and start working with the Pelvic Spa Practices.

We’ve broken it down and given away all our pelvic pain healing secrets so you too can become part of the healing movement. We might even send you a gift for joining us :)

Let’s get started!

X Dagmar

  • From Pain to Vitality Masterclass {value €197}

  • Amplifying Your Worthiness Video Series {value €297}

  • Diaphragm 101 Video {value €97}

  • BONUS: Secret Pelvic Spa Guided Audio {value €79}

  • BONUS: Daily Pelvic Spa Exercise Sequence {value €49}

  • BONUS: Womb-Heart Medicine Guided Audio {value €49}

Total Value: €768

Today’s Price: only €77

I’m READY To Take My Pelvis On Healing Refuge!

Hema Persaud

Dagmar taught me tools that allowed me to reach the innermost corners of my nervous system.

I was able to reset the core of my being and in turn feel safe, worthy, and fully thrive as a woman. 

I have become a woman who embodies the energies of self love, worthiness and deservingness. 

I reclaimed my wholeness and it’s an integrated transformation that will stay with me forever now.

Hannah Jorritsma

As a result of my healing, we have created a harmonious environment in my whole family and my children are learning how to love and respect themselves.

The love and acceptance I now have for my husband has a profound domino effect on my marriage, as I am teaching my partner how I like to be treated, honour my own boundaries, feel less triggered, and he mirrors this behaviour.